Addressing WFTU Congress

Elected leader of Roofers Union Local 36

Now in his third elected term as Business Manager of Roofers Local 36 in L.A., Cliff has fought for jobs at living wages, affordable housing development and immigrant workers' equality, including voting rights for non-citizen residents.  Local 36 is the first U.S. trade union since 1949 to affiliate to the World Federation of Trade Unions, joining 95 million class-oriented union members in 130 countries.

Maxine Waters supporting the conference for Community Control Over the Police.

Elected twice to South Central Neighborhood Council

Cliff served 2 terms on the SCNC and was a delegate to the South L.A. Alliance of Neighborhood Councils.  SCNC led the fight against LAPD's vehicle impound checkpoints, leading to drivers licenses for undocumented residences.  Cliff also led the demand for LAPD to release the autopsy report after the killing of Ezell Ford.


Cliff and family

Cliff with his beautiful and talented wife Keyanna Celina and their children Massiah, Selah and Nyame.

Community leader

Cliff has been fighting for workers rights and community power his adult life.  Here fighting for $15/hr pay for WalMart workers.

2013- Demanding $15/hr for WalMart workers.

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